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Keewaytinook Okimakanak, which means Northern Chiefs in Oji-Cree, is a non-political Chiefs Council serving Deer Lake, Fort Severn, Keewaywin, McDowell Lake, North Spirit Lake and Poplar Hill First Nations. The organization is directed by the Chiefs of the member First Nations who form the Board of Directors. Through its close awareness of community needs and its team approach, the Council advises and assists its member First Nations. The Council provides services in the areas of health, education, economic development, employment assistance, legal, public works, finance and administration, and computer communications (K-Net Services). The Executive Director liaises with the six Chiefs, with the staff of the Council and with other organizations and governments.

Current Chiefs:

Chief Roy Dale Meekis, Deer Lake First Nation
Chief Joseph Crow, Fort Severn First Nation
Chief Chris Kakegamic, Keewaywin First Nation
Chief Vontane Keno, McDowell Lake First Nation
Chief Caroline Keesic, North Spirit Lake First Nation
Chief Alice Sugashie, Poplar Hill First Nation

Desta Buswa
2 months 1 week
Communicative Disorders Assistant

Position Description: The Keewaytinook Okimakanak Board of Education (KOBE) provides speech-language services to the students of Deer Lake, Fort Severn, Keewaywin, North Spirit Lake, Poplar Hill First Nations and high school students attending the Keewaytinook Internet High School (KiHS). KOBE is seeking a Communicative Disorders Assistant to provide videoconference/telemedicine therapy sessions, assist the Speech Language Pathologist and work with the Special Education team.

Desta Buswa
2 months 1 week
Poplar Hill - Special Education Teacher

We are searching for a warm, loving teacher who will impart love for school and education to our students.  They are enthusiastic learners, who come to school speaking Ojibway. They have limited English skills and require someone with patience and understanding as they overcome this obstacle.

Angie McCleary
2 months 3 weeks
KO eHealth - Directory Development Coordinator /Assistant Navigator

Reporting to the Clinical Services Coordinator (CSC), the Directory Development Coordinator (DDC)/Assistant Navigator is responsible for the development of the Aboriginal Directory in collaboration with the Ontario Telemedicine Network. In addition to the development and updating of the OTN Directory, the DDC will assist the Regional Telemedicine Navigator with the coordination of telemedicine consults.

Angie McCleary
2 months 3 weeks
KO eHealth - Regional Telemedicine Navigator

Reporting to the Clinical Services Coordinator (CSC), the Regional Telemedicine Navigator is responsible for facilitating individual and group clinical consults for First Nations communities. The RTC is the point of contact between service providers and the community members and is responsible for brokering the connection between the two. S/he maintains documentation of all clinical telemedicine events.

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3 months 1 week